An eventful Wednesday.

I don’t speak Icelandic. Weird.

Missed connecting flight from Iceland to Paris. Bartender was cool.

Added an extra stop and about 12 hours travel time.


Here’s my journal entry. If it weren’t for the mechanical issues we might not have been at the right place at the right time…

I’ve never flown next to the northern lights. The cracks in the ice below are so big that it looks as though we are merely a hundred feet above the ground. Zooming across the frozen wasteland guarded by the green ghosts of the far far north. Hudson Bay perhaps? There are no city lights. No lights of any kind save the northern ones. At least death out here would be preceded by nothing short of pure magic. I’d be thankful for a moment to hear the nothing and watch the lights. Before the plane explodes.

Fly baby fly. Til nothing can get you down.

Then they lost my bike. Yep. Bicycle is currently lost. AndiamoPedal might soon become AndiamoWalking. Tomorrow I’ll know more. Your positive thoughts and energy would be appreciated. I don’t know what I’ll do if the bike is gone. No travelers insurance.


This is the last known condition. Protected by Surly Security Forces Inc.

Also, they ride scooters at the airport in Iceland. No shit. Scooters.



  1. Hi Ed,
    Sad to hear they lost your bike, which you already feared yesterday, when we talked in Copenhagen airport.
    Hope they soon find it so you can get started, look forward to follow your tour.

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