Where the hell have YOU been?!?!?

Me? Oh just Malta. So the plan WAS to get to Palermo, pedal for about a week to the ferry and catch a ride to Malta and hang out for a couple weeks to decompress. Then hit the road north into Italy and from there, wherever. Since it took a full week and half from the time I hit Paris to get my bike, I stayed in Palermo a lot longer than expected. It’s a nice town and the folks at Your Hostel were AMAZING. So much so that when it became clear that I would in no way have time to pedal cross Sicily and make my reservations in Pozzallo and Malta I went back to Palermo and left by bicycle with the hostel, took a bus to Pozzallo and cruised Malts sans-bici. So now I’m BACK! Actually right now I’m sitting on a ferry in Palermo looking at the full moon playing some guitar. Not bad. Not bad at all. I’m ditching Sicily and south south Italy as a route for a few reasons. So the new plan…ok since my plans have a way or falling through on this trip I’m going to call it my new direction. My new direction is from Naples to Bari, up the Adriatic coast, cut to Rome and head up that coast then squeak by the French Rivera and into and around Spain and Portugal.

I have LOTS of pics but it’s super annoying to upload them to word press. I’m working on it!! I swear! More to come and a lot more frequently. I checked out for Malta. But I’m checked in now and so damn ready to pedal!!!

Highlights of the past two weeks: played and sang on stage, drove a car in Gozo on the LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! Can you even comprehend how bizarro that feels?!?!? Really. Have been playing and writing a LOT of music. My wen budget is WAY over. I mean good god… WAY OVER. I’ve been to two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Met some really great people, got to sing a TON. Found OREGON BEER!!!!! That was an especially exciting day. Haha 🙂 Rode my bike in Italian traffic! And I love it!!! Ate some incredible food and generally just relaxed and let go. I needed it. And I got it! So now, ANDIAMO!!



  1. Ed, I just read your story about meeting that family in the little town and being shown the most amazing hospitality. I cried, thinking about my similar experiences in Italy. Not ones that you could imagine or expect. I will have to share them with you one day. Life is good, and they know how to live it. I love the small towns where there is such a feeling of community. I think that we are much poorer, not knowing that kind of place. We have found such a place in Grand Marais, in the UP. Someday you will have to go there too. love, Michelle


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