Murder most foul.

Do you know what a flock of crows is called? It’s called a murder. A murder of crows. Do you know what a herd of unicorns is called? A blessing. A blessing of unicorns. I’m not making this up. It’s absolutely true. Ask the internet. There are tons of names for herds and flocks and schools of this and that. But anyway, back to the crows.

So there were so many times on my tour where I would come across these moments that everything came together perfectly and there was just no possible way a picture or a painting or even a story could capture it. I was riding my bicycle from this Sherwood-Forest-Looking farmer’s market in Hungary back to my host’s house. A huge storm had swept through the farmers’s market and I ended up huddling under a log hut where a Hungarian man and his daughter were selling wine. Delicious wine. No, in fact, exsquisite wine. And I usually don’t do white wine, but this… this was incredible. The storm was huge and hit hard and then passed and then the sun came out. So I pedaled through the Hungarian countryside on the north side of Lake Balaton through vineyards and cinder cone mountains, lush and green. The sun was out and there was a hint of a breeze with so many amazing smells in the air.

I rode by a vineyard and I saw a crow. I wasn’t going fast at all. I was full from sampling homeade wares and tickled drunk by many friendly samples of wine. I had my own bottle in my bag now too. I saw another crow, perched on the wooden post in the middle of a row of grape vines. This being the beginning of summer, the vines were really starting to get full and beautiful. I saw another crow, sitting on another post. I slowed down and really looked. Now I could see that there were six or seven crows sitting on posts, but not really near each other. A few crows flew around a bit farther away. Another landed nearer to me than to his comrades. They weren’t really near each other, just sort of hanging out and cawing. I laughed hard at my own joke and smiled big. “Attempted murder,” I thought…… “jerks.”

I pedaled onward.


    1. Hey Kim! Sorry it took me this long to respond 🙂 I made it to 10 countries and about 3500 miles. It was really REALLY amazing! I’m going to start planning another one for 2016 🙂 How’s life?


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