Some follow up…

I’m back in the US of A now, good old Portland, Oregon and it’s been a minute since I updated my blog. I have a few unfinished entries that I want to share so I’ll do that… well, as I will.

I started working again. Getting back into this American life has been challenging and fun and difficult and wonderful. It’s great to be back in a place where people know my face and my name and my history. But there are days….. there are days where I yearn in ways I never have…. to be back on the road, free, riding, seeing, experiencing and living in a way I’d never done before my trip.

In following entries I’ll unload a brain dump of the lessons big and small I discovered and rediscovered on my trip. I’ll also recap some stories that I had half written and never posted.

I remember little snippets when I least expect it. They are like little gifts from my memory banks. I don’t know always know what triggers them, but each time I am grateful to remember.

I also have a super double secret classified yet somehow public blog that I just started. Some folks said they liked my writing. Turns out I really enjoyed it as well and I loved the comments and feedback. Hell, I loved clicking on the “stats” link of WordPress and seeing how many people hit the page on a given day. So anyway, while I figure out what blog site is going to host my next one, I’m posting on a yet-to-be-mentioned one now to see how I like it. If you find it… well…. good for you 🙂

And in the meantime I’ll post on this one… until I don’t! If anyone still reads it: thanks. For everything. Reading it, hosting me, knowing me, helping me, loving me and treating me to such a magical life experience. I hope I can pay it all forward as I carry on. Andiamo 🙂

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