Bio: Hi! I'm 33 years old! Welp see ya later! oh wait I guess here's some more. I like bikes. I started riding bikes three years ago. Two century rides, two seasons of cyclocross, one cycle-related tattoo and three bikes later I'm about to embark on the cycle touring adventure of a life time. I quit my corporate job of eight and half years and got rid of most of my stuff. I bought a one way ticket to Europe. This blog is as much for me as it is for anyone who is curious about how things are going. I hope it's funny, touching, boring, amazing and all the other things I'm capable of feeling. But most of all I hope it's authentic. I hope when I re-read what I write that I will remember how it felt and remember what I was trying to say and what I learned and what I wanted. LIfe... am I right?!?!?!? Anyway if you're here, you probably know me, so there's no point in saying anything more about the subject. As the Italians say: Andiamo!!!!!

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  1. Glad I know you and I get to follow along on this journey… you inspire me to risk something one day in exchange for an experience of a life time.


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