Readers Digest

There’s def more coming once I get settled in Malta! But here’s the week in brief:

I’m gonna spend a good chunk of updates for the blog when I get to Malta. Here’s a readers digest version: I’ve met a ton of awesome people. My bike weighs 800 lbs and I am currently going through everything to see what I can dump. Speaking of dumps, my first fail of the trip was forgetting toilet paper. My first dumped item was the only cotton boxers I brought which replaced the toilet paper. Awkward. Bringing American Classy to Italy.

I bought a guitar and have been playing it for hours and hours a day. Palermo is cool but I was distracted by the bike situation. My first social experience of the ride has been an entire gas station of people saying goodbye to me after the owner road my bike around the parking lot while his friend filmed it. Hahahaha that was a good one 🙂

so it’s going great!!! Sicilian countryside is soooo beautiful!!! I’m not sure if: 1 they’ve ever seen someone with a bike so loaded up or 2. Someone with a loaded bike and a guitar strapped to the rider/bike. Either way, lots of funny looks hehe. I know the guitar might seem like the obvious choice to ditch to reduce weight, but for me it’s the only thing that I can’t live without. I’ll figure it out. ANDIAMO!!!!